These portraits are a combination of portraits taken from India, Nepal, and Spain. The mjority of them were taken while in the Indian subcontinent during the summer of 2013. The first was The Gardener, or Mother India. Her eyes radiated love, and from her smile I was inspired to continue taking portraits. Soon, I realized the power of people: the look of a child, or the look of an old man. I was instantly captivated by the mystery in the eyes: the secret expression, the pools of hidden stories. The people trusted me with my camera and allowed me to move closer than anyone I have ever encountered. They opened their hearts, and they shared with me a glimpse of their soul in those brief moments as the shutter opened. I think back on these moments and can remember each one so vividly. Each personal his or her own story, and the sheer fact that they were willing to share a bit of it with me was humbling, but also a great joy. It showed me there exists a voice that expands beyond our languages and borders.