You wore a vest and called my name;
You stood with strength and dignity;
From where I stood I heard you sing,
And grasped your hand so thankfully.

And where you went we walked to see
What all you had in store for me;
Never had I felt such sadness:
Darkened death and life of madness.

How willow wept with longing leaf,
Resigned to fate on earth below,
From heaven’s holy table to
The darkest place that I have known.

What curse does man have waiting him
For all that he has done to you;
Inside a tree I saw you sit,
Waiting, smiling, knowingly.

Every day to home I followed
To fill your step with stepping stone;
But when my tree was chopped in two,
I was lost and all alone.

Heaven sent a second chance,
A glimpse of what we could have been:
Within your arm you held me close,
Prodigal Son and loved again.