We All Come and Go

I sit beside the river,
A few breaths,
Alone and passing time,
A fish leaps in the water. 

I look up to see it swim away,
A leaf beneath the surface,
Tumbling, round and round,
Down with the stream it goes.

This moment passes,
This life gone by,
The years in a blink.
Death in the flash of an eye.

I look up at the trees,
The wind,
The branches bare,
The leaves fallen.

There at the base, 
A bridge and ivy strewn.
Could I live on the shore
For all the years to come?

A friend sits beside me.
We all come and go,
Everyone in their own way,
Everyone for an instant.

Here in the middle,
Could I sit and watch
The seasons change,
My life slipping by.

Tumbling like the leaves;
Leaping like the fish.
We all come and go,