Misty Night

Golden glowing albatross,
Phosphorescent wingéd flight,
High above man’s cloudéd clamour,
Where doth you fly this misty night?

Hope arising fallen feather,
Steward of the all alone,
Savior of the croaking meadow,
Can you help the helpless stone?

Messenger of miracle,
Shepherd of the soundless sleep,
Warden of the night of Nero,
Have you found the fallen sheep?

Dream adrift in darkened tunnel,
Shooting star from Neverland,
Compass of a shivering night,
Can you lend a helping hand?

Flying mask and mighty Maker,
Bird of heaven’s holy height,
Beyond the self of sleep and curtain,
Can you heal the sinner’s sight?

Dread and dreary turned to dream,
Final death and destined leap,
Caller of the self-surrender,
Can you free the darkened deep?

Golden glowing albatross,
Take me with you where you go;
Take me to the place of ice,
Take me to the land of snow.