Misty Night

Golden glowing albatross,
Phosphorescent wingéd flight, 
High above man’s cloudéd clamour, 
Where doth you fly this misty night?

Hope arising fallen feather,
Steward of the all alone,
Savior of the croaking meadow,
Can you help the helpless stone?

Messenger of miracle,
Shepherd of the soundless sleep,
Warden of the night of Nero,
Have you found the fallen sheep?

Dream adrift in darkened tunnel,
Shooting star from Neverland,
Compass of a shivering night,
Can you lend a helping hand?

Flying mask and mighty Maker,
Bird of heaven’s holy height,
Beyond the self of sleep and curtain,
Can you heal the sinner’s sight?

Dread and dreary turned to dream,
Final death and destined leap,
Caller of the self-surrender,
Can you free the darkened deep?

Golden glowing albatross,
Take me with you where you go;
Take me to the place of ice,
Take me to the land of snow.

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We All Come and Go

I sit beside the river to meditate,
A few breaths,
Alone and passing time,
A fish leaps in the water. 

I look up to see it swim away,
A leaf beneath the surface,
Tumbling, round and round,
Down with the stream it goes.

This moment passes,
This life gone by,
The years in a blink.
Death in the flash of an eye.

I look up at the trees,
The wind,
The branches bare,
The leaves fallen.

There at the base, 
A bridge and ivy.
Could I live here
For twelve years?

Here in the middle,
Could I sit and watch
The seasons change,
My life passing by?

A friend sits beside me.
We all come and go,
Everyone in their own way,
Everyone for an instant.

We all come and go,
Tumbling like the leaves;
Leaping like the fish.

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You wore a vest and called my name;
You stood with strength and dignity;
From where I stood I heard you sing,
And grasped your hand so thankfully.

And where you went we walked to see
What all you had in store for me;
Never had I felt such sadness:
Darkened death and life of madness.

How willow wept with longing leaf,
Resigned to fate on earth below,
From heaven’s holy table to
The darkest place that I have known.

What curse does man have waiting him
For all that he has done to you;
Inside a tree I saw you sit,
Waiting, smiling, knowingly.

Every day to home I followed
To fill your step with stepping stone;
But when my tree was chopped in two,
I was lost and all alone.

Heaven sent a second chance,
A glimpse of what we could have been:
Within your arm you held me close,
Prodigal Son and loved again.

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Alas! My dream is torn apart!
Your hand extending out from me;
Without a grasp I fail to see:
Hand raising, shaking violently!

But Father what is happening?
The veil of life transparency,
The veil of my mortality;
Father! Why have you have forsaken me?

Alas! Tis dawn again but what to see?
A tear rolls down my cheek to dry;
A little bird begins to sing,
And from this fate not one shall hide.

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Beside Me

A bird whispers the forlorn thought of grace;
And as we circle to this we now return anew –
To that much higher place,
To that quietness of life,
Far beyond the forethought of our dying race,
All within the time we chose.

It is by the touch of your breath I linger,
But my mortality beckons time morose;
And I must beg that you forgive me,
For death must end this dream, and unsettle
The moaning rhythm of your waving sea;
Ah! my dear, I do long with love for thee!

To smell the sweetness of your bliss, and
To taste the stars of morning one more time;
Each a drop of ecstasy,
Perfect speckled lights revealed to me,
Each a ray of hope in darkness,
A grace for you and I to bear and see.

Ah! beside me my God with opened eyes,
Know it was the first that mattered most;
For with that gift which we were given,
We must rise and now redress;
Listen to the bird outside sing silently,
Whisper within a new love for your mortality.

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Back to the Starry Desert

Back inside myself, back to the starry desert;
With my light left behind, the endless sea;
Now this lonely reflection, the emptiness:
What doth He have in store for you and me?

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Souls Captured

Days gone by clinging to love;
What pains unknown, God above;
The pulse we feel, souls captured:
The drain of rose colored blood.

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What Grace

I need my heart to quiet;
I need for things to soften;
I need to see again: what grace,
Midnight light and gentle rain.

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You Witches Waiting

Fading again, please this time forever;
These little lusty testing tales of time,
Let me go, let me go, let me slumber;
You whores of hiding, you witches waiting,
God, please release the beasts and let me be;
Take from me this veil of hating;
Let me go, let me go, let me be, please.

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A Heart Coveted

Four days ago, two souls united,
When lover merged with beloved,
The earth shook, a bird fell from above;
Down steps he climbed, a heart coveted,
To remind her of her beauty,
To remind her of her love.

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The Unanswered Caison

Perhaps it was the unanswered caisson
Clopping along in the darkness of rain;
My lingering shadow, a setting sun,
Shell shocked in a volley of tears and pain.

Perhaps it was a vase thrown through the air,
Shattering above me against your door;
Seeing the mark of blood streaking, running,
Hiding, beneath weeping willow I tore.

Perhaps it was the unanswered caisson
Clopping along in the darkness of rain;
Being taught to say, "Ma raison d'être,"
Aye, “Ma raison d'être est la méchanceté.”

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El Soñador

El soñador busca la mañana,
Pero siempre con la tristeza;
Los rayos del sol borran la noche;
Los sueños de color, la muerte,
Por causa de Dios, la vida.

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