Winter 2016-2017 opened the door to a new continent, and a new culture. After a taste of Moorish architecture in Sevilla, and after one week in Madrid to celebrate Christmas, Yasmine and I crossed the Gibraltar Strait and entered Morocco. For ten days, we wandered around Marrakech, the Atlas Mountains, and Fes. The Northern African climate was particularly pleasing at this time of year. It made for comfortable days (and nights) exploring, praying, and bargaining in souks, hammams, mosques, and madrasas. Like India, Morocco was filled with chaos and noise and endless haggling; but also with sincere friendliness, and with peace and beauty. The contrasts were drastic, from clear air and vistas to tight alleyways and petrid CO2. The experiences shed light on my own inclinations, which are, as I grow older, becoming ever clearer -- the outdoors are my cup of [Moroccan mint] tea.