He said soar to new heights and sing your song of joy, of peace, of hope; stand on top the mountain and shout this message of love; speak of happiness and triumph; tell everyone we are the dawn to erase the night; we are the ones sent to create goodness, to join nations, and to cross over to the other side. He said to make this known; to sing out in benediction, and to praise all things holy. He said to ignore the evil voices; forget the past and the burdens we carry, for we are a new people, and ours is a way of light and love. -- The dark hour need not mark us any longer; the sadness is over. He said to find the root of bad habits – the splinters of negative thinking – and chop down the tree! He said to let go, be brave, and take to the sky with wings opened wide! He said to take the stars above, scatter them around the world for all to see WE ARE HIS DOVES, with rays of love and light lifting us up, with our hearts freely bound for glory.