A Love Letter to You, and to Her, My Love

I let the night come with thoughts of the day lingering, imagining this leap being made with You and her together. I see the light begin to shine - the other side calling: an invitation. To Arabia we will journey; and to her world I will enter, and I will see what life was like, and what shaped the woman I love. With trepidation and excitement, I breathe in the night, knowing the day will come when they will see, and we will know our glory, for we will be One. We will be united in the realm of our ancestors; those before the hatred and the violence. We will exist when love was big and primordial – when love was all there was. In this hope I find my solace, and to that dream of union I find my faith. I will sit or stand with You and her together. I will bow down now, and I will prostrate myself on the magic carpet. Who do I betray? I betray no one, save when I betray Your love; and when do I betray Love but when I let the walls rise and the barriers be built; when I stand aside as they grow between us, lifting up in a space that is ours to share. No, the walls shall crumble; and we shall walk hand in hand, our heads high, our spirits lifted in a wish that only You can see, and others in the reflection of You in our wake. And I shall follow her to the center, and I shall fight back against the fear, and I shall love her more and more and more. And I shall prove my love. I will tear down mountains and throw them into the sea. I will gather the stars and scatter them around the earth. I will look in her eyes, and see You. I will look at You and her, and see myself. And we will be One.