The Ocotillo Was No More

The song is meant to go with it...

I stopped my car somewhere between the Mojave and Colorado Deserts. I crossed the double yellow line and walked toward myself. I saw a tall ocotillo cactus standing alone under a blanket of blue. There, holding Jacob's staff was an old man who stood still staring at its red flowers. They shook anxiously in the wind. He asked me: From where did the wind come, and to where will the wind go? I removed my shoes and I closed my eyes. I could hear nothing but stillness and the sound of silence. It was unknown to me. It lasted for but a moment. I was afraid and I was alone. I was torn and I was tormented, and I lost control of myself and died.

My eyes were opened and the sun was setting and a rainbow shot forth from a tear rolling down my cheek. I saw the flowers turn to roses, and when I rose they danced with me beneath the rising moon. I heard voices stir inside. They all called my name, reminding me of my past, telling me what to do and who to be. My eyes closed again. I could hear the Universe calling: Come to me, my son, and find your peace.

My heart skipped across a pond between two swans and I looked back to the other shore and saw the ocotillo cactus begin to grow. The rose buds burst like lightning into bright, colorful flames, and the flowers whispered secrets to the stars in brilliant yellows and oranges and reds. The flames danced together, their colors blending, their stories becoming one. The petals took flight and sped into darkness. I felt my heart turning cold, tearing within. The flames leapt with my last breath in brilliant blues and faded to turquoise and green. The voices inside me ceased and I opened my eyes.

I was sitting on a mountain. My memory and experience had vanished with the wind. I heard a voice echo an eternity. Jacob told me to not be afraid. I turned toward the other shore and saw the ocotillo cactus was no more. The moon laughed at me pleasantly. I turned and walked away. The night grew before me. Darkness fell and Orion moved to the west in a dream. A fire burned and I was lifted in the talons of a hawk and floated above the world sleeping below.